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    Kimbolton Health Week

    There was a real buzz in the air for Kimbolton Senior School’s biennial Health Week in February.  

    With a variety of activities available for pupils to participate in throughout the week, it was an excellent opportunity to inform and raise awareness of our wellbeing.

    Throughout the week, there were optional lunchtime workshops about diet, sleep and mental and physical wellbeing.  We welcomed external speakers Satveer Nijar who spoke about 'Self-harm Awareness' and Sabina Gray who spoke openly and honestly to parents and pupils about 'A Life with Drugs'.  And at the end of the week, we were delighted to welcome the Keysoe Cuddle Therapy Ponies, who provided pet therapy at lunchtime.

    Possibly the highlight of the week was the Conga around the Castle.  The music played and the sun shone down as staff and pupils entered the conga spirit circumnavigating the Castle.  This fun initiative was organised by our Pupil Forum, the idea being that with every pupil completing one lap of the Castle, they would have collectively conga-ed over 300km - all the way, by road, to the other Kimbolton in the UK, the one in Herefordshire!   A fantastic, fun community event, which kept on giving… Mme Hassall continued the conga on the ice rink for senior games option in the afternoon.

    Other activities during the week included Yoga, a film session, a talk for staff and other fun sessions throughout the week.  Thank you to everyone involved in making this such an informative and fun week.