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    Kimbolton-Greenfields Peer Support Programme

    Fourth Formers visit Year 5 pupils at Greenfields Primary School, Kettering, to launch new joint English and Art project.

    Greenfields Primary School in Kettering recently welcomed eight Kimbolton School Fourth Form pupils into their Year 5 classroom as part of the schools’ continuing joint ‘peer support' programme. Together pupils read extracts from the novel Timesnatch, as part of a new Reading, Writing and Art project for the academic year 2017-18.

    The scheme, now in its third year, is led by Kimbolton School English teachers Mrs Sophie Poole and Mr Tristan Pithers, and Greenfields Primary School Year 5 Teacher Mrs Rachel Travers. It involves 18 Fourth Form pupils, in total, acting as peer mentors to 30 Year 5 children. Their role is to support and guide the younger children to solve problems in the classroom and to inspire each other in their shared learning.

    Peer mentoring schemes are popular in the UK and offer many benefits both to the mentors and to their fellow pupils. These include raising aspirations, increasing self-esteem and confidence, improving social interaction, and boosting academic achievement. Pupils develop life skills such as effective listening, problem solving and leadership.

    Mrs Poole said: “This was the first visit of the term and a great start to our new English and Art project. We look forward to the next few visits, where we will be focusing on Writing and Art and then welcoming the Greenfields’ pupils to Kimbolton in the Summer term again, for our Creative Masterclasses.”

    Mrs Travers added: "This was such a successful session, both sets of students seem to gain so much from it. I was so impressed with the leadership skills of the Kimbolton students, they responded so sensitively to the needs of their younger peers. Our children cannot wait until our next session."