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    Bedfordia Trophy Champions

    Upper Prep pupils celebrate their best collective cross country outing of the year so far.

    Upper Prep pupils are celebrating their best collective cross country outing of the year so far - as Kimbolton became champions and runners-up in their ‘Bedfordia’ Championship debut (Tues 16th). On a bitterly cold, windy afternoon at Lincroft School, our U11 boys took team honours whilst a very young, yet very talented, girls’ team came 2nd. 

    Both races featured 22 teams respectively with upwards of 150 runners in each, but the vast fields and the unusual enormity of a local sports event did nothing to perturb our confidence.

    The girls went off first with an unprecedented number of young runners – five of the eight coming from Year 4!  The old adage, ‘if they’re good enough, they’re old enough’ springs to mind and so it was that Jemima Davey, recently-crowned Cambridgeshire U11 Cross Country Champion, led the charge. 

    After a fast start, Jemima moved through from 8th to 3rd as the race unfolded only to incur an unfortunate stitch, hampering her progress, but she still finished very highly in 18th.  A superb effort two years early!  Packing strongly, Aoife Stokes and Camille Chassaigne had a race for the line that saw the former prevail – 21st and 22nd respectively – whilst Olive McDougall was not far behind them in 25th.  Captain Ruby Lorigan battled hard for 44th whilst Esmee Radcliffe – after an early tumble - rallied impressively for 48th, completing our first-six scorers.  Eva Drury (58th) and Martha Lorigan (69th) also had impressive runs to finish in the first half of the field.

    The boys, inspired by our girls, were clearly ‘pumped’, confident and determined during warm-up: always a good sign of things to come.  A near opening sprint from the nippy Alasdair Large (like a hare!) propelled our senior runners to the front end of the field and, from there, the rangy duo of Livio Mosca and Freddie Spavins profited.  Swapping places from their Autumn Term house cross country duel, Livio came out on top this time picking up an excellent bronze medal whilst skipper Freddie battled hard to come in 13th. 

    There followed one of the best examples I have witnessed of team ‘packing’ with Gabriel Rushing (18th), Alasdair (19th), Owen Rushing (20th) and Jude Russell (28th) ensuring a procession of purple and white.  Jack Healey (133rd) and Harry West (135th), both so faithful in training, played their part too.  With six scorers all in the top fifth of the field hopes were high for the team title and so it proved... narrowly - our boys prevailing over Spratton Hall (in second):  108 to 101.  A great victory!

    Report: Mr Richard Hart