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    Prep Schools' DTE competition

    Year 5 pupils' tackle a tricky Minions design challenge. 

    Today we welcomed seven teams of Year 5 pupils from Beachborough School, Spratton Hall, Swanbourne School and Kimbolton Prep to our annual Prep Schools' Design Technology and Engineering (DTE) competition.

    This year, the five-hour challenge took inspiration from the film Despicable Me 3. Each team’s task was to design, make and test a vehicle that could help a Minion (a decorated egg) escape from the clutches of Balthazar Bratt and the evil purple minions! Their brief was as follows:

    • You are one of the last surviving minions, held prisoner in Balthazar's fortress
    • The only way to escape is by a cable car buggy, suspended high above a sea of toxic bubble gum
    • You need to fix the cable car and add an escape buggy
    • If you manage to get your buggy through the gateway you will face an army of evil minions
    • Make sure your buggy has some sort of batternig ram to take out as many evil minions as you can

    Using materials including cardboard, wood and elastic bands, all of the teams worked like superheroes with saws, scissors and glue guns in order to meet the deadline. The task was successfully achieved by all of the teams but the winners were Spratton Hall Girls Go Bananas.

    The judges’ decision was based on the detailed and comprehensive design the pupils had produced, their teamwork during the day, buggy manufacture and decoration, and the successful release of the escape Buggy during the final test. Points were also awarded for how many evil minions were knocked over during the escape.

    Event organiser and Design Technology Engineering Teacher Mrs Ceri Stokes said: “Everyone enjoyed this year's Minions challenge and the children showed great creativity and teamwork in solving a tricky design test. This annual competition is a highlight of our Department’s calendar, giving pupils an exciting insight into Design, Technology and Engineering at Kimbolton School.”