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    National Poetry Day

     ‘Surprise’ envelopes spark a mass outbreak of verse around Kimbolton Castle and grounds.

    A special delivery of colourful beribboned envelopes with the word ‘Surprise’ sparked a mass outbreak of verse around Kimbolton Castle and grounds. The guerrilla poetry’ was hidden in locations around our Senior School to mark National Poetry Day (4 October). Each envelope contained a poem on the subject of ‘ Change’ – the theme of this year’s annual event.

    At lunchtime, outside the Dining Hall, pupils and staff took part in a series of ‘pop up poetry’ readings, in English and French. They recited lines from poets including Emily Dickinson, Paul Lawrence Dunbar and Rachel Rooney – as well as some of their own work.

    Other Departments were keen to get in on the act, too. In Geography, pupils read poems on the subject of maps and volcanoes, while Maths entered into the spirit of the day with a complicated calculation in rhyme. Not to be outdone, our Lower Sixth Form Chemists each wrote a poem based on an article from New Scientist magazine during their 7th period (a lesson which enables Sixth Formers to work beyond the constraints of their curricula).

    Finally, our Philosophy Question of the Week provoked lively online debate: The poet TS Coleridge said: 'I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry; that is prose; words in their best order; - poetry; the best words in the best order.' How far do you agree with this statement?  

    Head of English, Ms Alice O’Donnell, said: “We hope that everyone had a chance to hear, read or even write a poem today… even if they didn’t expect to!”

    National Poetry Day photogallery