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    Physical Education

    Our Sports Department organises a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular PE activities to cater for everyone, from the committed athlete to those participating for exercise and enjoyment. Our ethos is to ensure quality, quantity and breadth of sporting opportunities so that all our pupils acquire the skills and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Unlike Games, we teach PE in form groupings with boys and girls learning and working together. We have a modern sports centre containing a large multi-purpose sports hall, a gymnasium, a fitness room, two squash courts, indoor and outdoor changing facilities and a designated PE classroom used for teaching A-level Physical Education.

    We also have a 25m swimming pool, three astroturf pitches (two full pitches and one training pitch; one match pitch is fully floodlit), extensive playing fields, six outdoor cricket nets and two hard court netball and tennis areas.

    Javelin Throwing During a Kimbolton School PE Lesson
    A Relay Race During Sports Day at Kimbolton SchoolKimbolton School Swimming PoolThe Roger Peel Sports Hall at Kimbolton SchoolA Gym Lesson at Kimbolton School

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    First to Third Forms – compulsory for all pupils

    The First to Third Forms have one PE lesson each week. Our curriculum offers a wide range of activities including swimming, tennis, badminton, basketball, gymnastics, health related fitness, orienteering, athletics, dance, and striking and field games.

    Our aim is to provide a PE programme that facilitates all our pupils to acquire the skill and enthusiasm for long-term involvement in sport that will stay with them throughout their Kimbolton career and beyond.

    Fourth Form – compulsory for all pupils

    The Fourth Form have one PE lesson per fortnight. At this stage students are encouraged to enhance their skills and develop areas of interest. Our broad curriculum continues, as does our encouragement of all pupils to involve themselves in sport.

    Fourth and Fifth Forms – GCSE optional subject

    At GCSE we follow the AQA syllabus, which covers:

    • ‘The human body and movement in physical activity and sport’. This component develops knowledge and understanding of applied anatomy and physiology, movement analysis and physical training. It also utilises your ability to use and interpret data and is worth 30% of the overall grade.
    •  ‘Socio-cultural influence and well-being in physical activity and sport’. This component develops knowledge and understanding of the role of sports psychology, socio-cultural influences on participation and health, fitness and well-being. It also requires data to be used and interpreted and is worth 30% of the overall grade.
    • Non examined assessment (coursework): 40% of your overall grade is dependent on your ability to perform three sports (one team sport, one individual sport, and a third which may be either team or individual sport) and complete a written piece of performance analysis and evaluation. One lesson per week will be aimed at meeting the demands of this aspect of the course and will be a mix of practical and theory based lessons.

    Sixth Form – A Level optional subject

    We follow the AQA Physical Education course which consists of two units:

    • Paper 1: Applied Physiology, Skill Acquisition and Sports Psychology, Sport and Society,Technology and Sport.
    • Paper 2: Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics, Sport Psychology, Sport and Society, Technology and Sport.
    • Non exam assessment: Practical performance in physical activity and sport.

    Kimbolton 7th Period Super-Curriculum: One hour per week involves our super curriculum content which will include the study and presentation of significant global events, e.g Olympic Games and topical sporting issues, e.g. blood doping. Independent and group based research, analysis, collation and informing others will be the main focus.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    During the school year we offer additional training and practice sessions for all the major sports and many of the minor ones.  The School Calendar gives specific details of these on a termly basis.

    Regular Trips, Competitions and Events

    In addition to the major sports, which are covered under the Games pages, we co-ordinate or attend competitions, events and/or House tournaments throughout each calendar year in cross country, badminton, table tennis, rowing, swimming and athletics.

    We also organise Sports Days for all year groups as part of their House competitions and a Whole School Gym and Dance Display which features contributions from a wide range of pupils from Year 2 in the Lower Prep to the Upper Sixth at the Senior School. These events allow pupils to pursue areas of interest and talent outside the major games sphere.