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    OKA Sports

    Sport plays an integral part in OKA reunions and in maintaining contact with the School.  Each year OK teams play matches against the School in Football, Hockey (Men's and Ladies), Netball, Cricket, Tennis, Rounders, Canoeing, Sailing and Golf. 

    We also have occasional fixtures against other organisations and alumni associations:  In the last year the OKs entered football teams into the Arthur Dunn Junior Cup and the Derek Moore Vets Cup, and an OK rounders team played the England Rounders U19s.

    Whatever age you are, and however long ago it was since you played a particular game, the OKA are always looking for willing players - it's the taking part that really counts!   Dates for matches are always scheduled and advertised well in advance, so there is plenty of time to plan ahead and get the dates in your diaries...

    OK Football Club

    Following a very successful 2017/18 season playing in the Arthurian Junior Cup (we reached the final!), we will continue to enter the Junior Cup and the Arthur Dunn Cup and, for the first time in the Association's history, the Arthurian League.  This step means more matches on a regular basis for the OK footballers.  To help with the organisation of this the OK Football Club has been set up as a formal club whereby regular players pay a membership subscription.  The club is also financially supported by the OKA, and all income goes towards payment of pitch hire, referees and match refreshments.  Any non-members who play are required to pay a match fee each time they play.
    If you would like to join or support the OK Football Club, or would like further information, please get in touch with Jonathan Hunter (Club Secretary) or George Wilson (Captain).

    OK Golf

    After some near fifty years of service from the Robinson Family, the baton of running and maintaining the OK’s Golfing Society has been handed on by Charles Robinson to Jim Harrison. Jim first played in an OK’s meeting at St Neots in 1976 when Charles’s late father, Colin organised meetings. 
    Jim and the other active members of the OKA Golf Society are looking to grow the Society and encourage more participation in OK golf events. If you are interested in getting involved then please do not hesitate to contact Jim Harrison (Club Secretary).

    OK Sports Fixtures

    Dates of forthcoming OK sports fixtures are confirmed below.  If you are interested in playing, please contact the relevant Sports Manager below for further information.

    Football Sunday 10th December 2023 1st XI & 2nd XI v School

    Sunday 24th March 2024

    2024 date TBC

    Men's 1st & 2nd XI v School
    Mixed OKs XI v The Friends of Kimbolton School HC

    Ladies 1st v School

    Netball Sunday 7th January 2024 1st VII v School
    Tennis Saturday 29th June 2024 Mixed OK Pairs v School
    Rounders Saturday 29th June 2024 1st Team v School
    Cricket Saturday 29th June 2024 1st XI & 2nd XI v School
    Canoeing Saturday 29th June 2024 OKs v School

    Friday 10th May 2024 

    Sunday 12th May 2024 

    Friday 27th September to Sunday 29th September 2024 (Practice day, Thursday 26th September): 

    Friday 20th September 2024 

    Spring Meeting at St Ives Golf Club 

    Grafton Morrish Scratch Foursomes East Midlands Qualifier at The Gogs Golf Club, Cambridge

    Finals of Grafton Morrish Scratch Foursomes at Hunstanton Golf Club and Brancaster Golf Club

    Autumn Meeting venue TBC

















    OKA Sports Managers

    Football (1st XI) George Wilson
    Football (Veterans) Simon Doyle
    Cricket - 1st XI Charles Gingell
    Cricket - 2nd XI James Moore
    Tennis - Mixed James Hodges
    Netball Danni Belbin
    Rounders Charlotte Ralph
    Hockey - Men's Tom Hopperton
    Hockey - Ladies Natalie Gaunt
    Golf Jim Harrison
    Sailing Alaster Gray
    Canoeing George Barrett-Hague
    Equestrian Lucy King










    OK Sports Results

      2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
    Football - 1st XI L 0-1 L 0-1 L 2-4 W 3-0 W W 7-2 W 4-2 D 1-1 Cancelled     W 4-2
    Football - 2nd XI - - W 2-0 W 3-2 W W 4-2   W 1-0 Cancelled      
    Men's Hockey - 1st XI W 2-1 D 2-2 W 3-2 D 2-2 W 3-1 L 3-6 D 2-2 W 3-1 Cancelled Cancelled D 2-2 D2-2
    Men's Hockey - 2nd XI         D 3-3 D 3-3 L 1-4 W 5-1 Cancelled Cancelled W 4-3 W 4-2 
    Ladies Hockey W 4-0 D 1-1 L 3-6 D 2-2 L 1-2 W 4-0 W 3-1 W 5-1 Cancelled D 2-2 Cancelled L 3-0
    Netball L L L W 25-15 L  19-33 L 20-29 L 24-37 L  9-18 Cancelled Cancelled
    Cricket - 1st XI L D Cancelled L L W L W Cancelled Cancelled L W
    Cricket - 2nd XI W W Cancelled W L L L W Cancelled Cancelled L W
    Men's Tennis L L L W L W W W Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled n/a
    Ladies Tennis W L L D L L L L Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled n/a
    Mixed Tennis                       L
    Rounders L L L W L W W W Cancelled Cancelled L W
    Rounders - 2nd                     W n/a
    Canoeing W W W W W W W   Cancelled Cancelled W W
    Sailing Cancelled W L W W W W W Cancelled Cancelled W W