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    Music plays a central role in all our lives and a passion for music lies at the heart of our school.  We have a rich, varied and vibrant musical offering.

    At Kimbolton, we try to encourage students to become actively involved in making their own music, whatever their interests and aspirations. With a team of 26 dedicated musicians on the staff, we offer coaching in almost every instrument and style, helping to build skills that will enrich lives and potentially fuel a desire for a future career in music.

    Kimbolton School's Senior Choir
    Kimbolton Prep School Brass PlayersPercussionist in Kimbolton School OrchestraKimbolton Prep School Brass PlayersPercussionist in Kimbolton School Orchestra

    Alongside the musical content of our curriculum, we offer an exciting mix of individual tuition, ensembles and groups, and performance opportunities that cater for all abilities and tastes.  There is truly something for everyone, and for all ages, even if they join us with no prior musical training.

    Departmental Staff

    Director of Music

    01480 862245

    Head of Prep Music

    01480 862065

    Music Administrator

    01480 862254

    Individual Tuition

    We can provide individual tuition on all orchestral and band instruments as well as piano, jazz piano, harpsichord, organ, guitar, electric guitar, drum kit, percussion and voice, although a handful of these are not available at the Prep School.  We charge an additional fee for these lessons.

    Tuition starts from Year 3 onwards, with the exception of Stringlets (Year 1) and Ministrings (Year 2), which give early experience of learning the violin in a fun and pro-active way.  Over 65% of our Upper Prep pupils and a quarter of our Senior School pupils receive weekly lessons and many learn a second or even a third instrument. 

    We have an enviable stock of instruments available for hire so that pupils can try an instrument before parents are committed to paying for one.  Priority is given to beginners.

    Our pupils enjoy their lessons and enjoy learning and developing their skills, knowledge and understanding of music.  We give them a safe environment to take risks in their learning and praise and reward them for doing so.  The results and the volume of pupils engaged in music at Kimbolton School speak for themselves.  

    Music Exhibitions

    We award Music Exhibitions to our most talented musicians.

    These are in the form of four terms of instrumental/vocal tuition funded by the School and are awarded to all those who pass exams at Grade 5 or above with a merit or distinction having been entered for the examination by the School.  They are open to both Prep and Senior School pupils and exhibitions for more than one instrument may be held at the same time.  On achieving each higher grade at merit or distinction, further exhibitions are awarded. 

    All Music Exhibitioners are expected to be active members of one or more school ensembles so that, while experiencing the fun of performing with others, their music-making experience and repertoire are extended.

    Ensembles and Groups

    Our ensembles and groups meet weekly and cover a wide range of orchestral and band instruments plus choirs.  We even have the occasional opportunity for parents to become involved through Rise n Sing at the Prep School as well as the combined Kimbolton School and village group, The Kimbolton Singers.

    Prep School Ensembles

    • Saxophone players at Kimbolton Prep School

      Saxophone Group

    • Brass Players at Kimbolton Prep School

      Brass Group

    • Kimbolton Prep School's Senior Choir

      Senior Choir

    • Kimbolton Prep School's Junior Choir

      Junior Choir

    • Kimbolton Prep School's Orchestra

      School Orchestra

    • Recorder Players at Kimbolton Prep School

      Recorder Club

    • Strings Players at Kimbolton Prep School

      String Group

    • Clarinetists playing at Kimbolton Prep School

      Clarinet Choir

    • Guitar Group at Kimbolton Prep School

      Guitar Group

    • Percussionists at Kimbolton Prep School

      Percussion Group

    • Flautists at Kimbolton Prep School

      Flute Choir

    • Kimbolton Prep School Handchimes Group

      Handchimes Group

    • Learning the Ukelele at Kimbolton Prep School

      Ukelele Group

    • Kimbolton Prep School's adult singing group 'Rise n Sing'

      Rise 'n' Sing (Adult Singing)

    • Year 1 Stringlets Group at Kimbolton Prep School

      Stringlets (Year 1)

    • Kimbolton Prep School's Ministrings Group

      Ministrings (Year 2)


    Senior School Ensembles

    • Kimbolton School's Guitar Group

      Guitar Group

    • Kimbolton School's Ingrams Voices

      Ingrams Choir

    • Kimbolton School's Little Big Band

      Concert Band

    • Kimbolton School's Chamber Choir

      Chamber Choir

    • Kimbolton School's Brass Group

      Brass Group

    • Kimbolton School's Swing Band

      Big Band

    • Kimbolton School's Corps of Drums at the Annual Remembrance Parade

      Corps of Drums

    • Kimbolton School's Percussion Group

      Percussion Group

    • Kimbolton School's Senior Choir

      School Choir

    • Kimbolton School's String Orchestra

      String Orchestra

    • Kimbolton School's Orchestra

      School Orchestra

    • Kimbolton School Flautists

      Flute Choir

    • Kimbolton School CCF Band

      CCF Band

    • Saxophone Group at Kimbolton School

      Saxophone Ensemble

    • Kimbolton Singers with Kimbolton School Choirs

      Kimbolton Singers

    • Kimbolton School's Clarinet Quartet Performing at the Prep School

      Clarinet Choir

    Performance Opportunities

    As well as the wide range of instruments played by pupils of all ages, we encourage children to take part in as many extra-curricular musical activities as they wish, even if they receive external tuition. Our regular concerts and other performing opportunities provide all our pupils with a forum to express themselves through music.  Those involved find themselves part of a close-knit social group and leave with many lasting memories.

    In any academic year, our performance opportunities would typically include:

    - Prep School

    • House Singing Competition
    • After-School Concerts
    • Evening Concerts
    • Biannual Orchestral Afternoon
    • Biannual Practice-athon
    • Year 6 Production

    - Senior School

    • Ingrams and Senior House Music Competitions (includes House singing, individual and group performances)
    • Annual Drama and Musical Productions (band or orchestra)
    • Weekly Informal Lunchtime Concerts
    • Ensemble Recitals in the Local Community
    • Evening Concerts and Choral Evenings
    • Choral Evensong in Regional Places of Worship
    • Choral Tours, including Edinburgh Fringe Festival and overseas
    • Kimbolton Presents... - charity talent show