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    Our Digital School

    iPads at Kimbolton SchoolKimbolton is a Digital School with modern technology a core feature of school life and a positive addition to traditional teaching methods. With wi-fi connectivity across our campus, integrated classroom technology, and online courses and resources we actively embrace the huge potential of the Internet Age – while remaining aware of its challenges.

    iPads, used by pupils and staff throughout the school to varying degrees (see below), are our gateway to the online world, with resources available in seconds and apps that make previously specialist skills – such as film-making – accessible to all.

    iPads at the Prep School

    At the Prep School, children in all years have access to a range of devices to help support and develop their reading, writing and numeracy skills. These include class sets of iPads, along with laptops and desktop computers. When appropriate, under the supervision of their teachers, children are able to engage with exciting technology that truly supports their learning.

    iPads at the Senior School

    Senior School pupils have their own iPads – either privately purchased or lease-buy – and these are now part of everyday school life for our First to Upper Sixth Formers. Be it conducting, marking and recording spelling or vocab tests within a couple of minutes; using an app to create and edit an image before making it in clay; recording a playlet to see it from the audience’s viewpoint; or collaborating on a mind map while researching a topic and then sharing it, iPads make learning more engaging, memorable and fun. They also ensure that, regardless of learning style, every child can make sense of a topic.

    In the same way as smart phones have assimilated themselves into our daily life over the past decade, iPads have become similarly de rigeur. They slip seamlessly into every pupil’s toolkit, just like the pencil case, PE Kit and textbook. Pupils use them to organise themselves and their notes, to communicate, to study and to collaborate at home and at school. We use an online medium to host lessons documentation, homework, extension work and activities. 

    Pupils also learn to program, writing code and building robotics from scratch, to give them an insight into the technology that underpins the digital world.

    e-Safety and support

    Learning to use devices responsibly and to navigate the online world safely and effectively is a key part of our teaching.  This is reinforced by regular internet safety messages and events across the whole school - for pupils, staff and parents alike. 

    Children are quick to grasp the intricacies of new technology, often leaving their parents feeling ‘behind the drag curve.’ We fully support parents through the acquisition, set-up and ongoing management of their children’s iPads and have a team of e-safety staff to deal with any concerns. 

    For our current parents, more detailed information about iPads and e-safety can be found here.