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    Kim Club

    'Kim Club’ is our before and after school club for Prep School pupils. Its aim is to provide children with quality childcare in a friendly ‘home from home’ atmosphere, with food prepared on the premises by the Prep School’s catering staff. Our breakfast session starts at 7.30am and includes a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Children then play until 8.30am, when the Lower Prep pupils are escorted to their classrooms and the older ones join their friends in the Courtyard and play areas. The Club resumes at 4pm for the Lower Prep children. They are offered sandwiches, fruit and drinks and can then choose activities such as arts and crafts, board games, videos, reading, a games console and, in summer, supervised outdoor games. They are joined by older pupils at 5pm (after supervised prep or clubs), who have a similar tea and then join in the fun! Kim Club finishes at 6pm.

    Booking and Cancellations

    Online bookings/cancellations can be made via the links below,  or by calling the Prep Office on 01480 860281. Please note, any booked Kim Club sessions must be cancelled prior to the session starting in order not to be charged.

    Kim Club:  Regular Booking Form



    Kim Club: Occasional Booking Form



    Kim Club:  Occasional Booking Cancellation



    Kim Club - Personal Record Form




    Please see our Fees page. Kim Club fees may be paid using childcare vouchers (issued by and arranged through employers). 

    Kim Club Staff


    01480 860281 (8.30am to 5pm)

    07876 577326 (during Club hours)