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    Business A Level is an exceptionally useful course as it has a practical and academic benefit. Business equips students to understand the factors affecting businesses and helps them gain a head start in future careers in a range of organisations.  We examine the internal structure of a range of businesses, looking at areas including marketing, finance, production and personnel.  We also examine external forces that affect businesses, such as recession, and the strategies they can adopt to achieve their business goals.

    At Kimbolton, we have an interactive teaching style which applies the analytical tools to both small and prominent businesses.  Our weekly news sheets help us to examine both amusing and serious business events. We organise trips and encourage extra-curricular involvement in various competitions. We also have an enviable track record of success in creating real businesses via business competitions.

    We are proud of our recent record of 'value-added' in public examinations.

    Visit to the JCB factory
    Kimbolton School Students win the Adaptability Award at the BASE Competition National FinalKimbolton School Young Enterprise company stand at Huntingdon Trade FairKimbolton School Students Win Young Enterprise AwardKimbolton School Sixth Form Business Studies' Students Visit to London Pride

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    Sixth Form – A Level optional subject

    AQA Business 7132

    It’s a fact: in your lifetime you are extremely likely to work in a company. Studying Business equips you to manage others, understand strategy and develop your career. Business will be very useful to you, regardless of your career path. It will prepare you to hold management positions in organisations by considering how our world is changing and what business strategies may work.

    We use examples of real businesses and discuss current business-related topics from Hydrogen cars to labour shortages.

    You will learn how people:

    • Generate business ideas
    • Launch products and services
    • Motivate and manage others
    • Finance their business from start up businesses to multinational corporations
    • Devise strategies on growth

    There is also the opportunity to set up your own business and participate in Peter Jones’ Tycoon competition to develop the above skills, have fun working in a team and even earn a little income.

    Academically you will consider issues such as:

    • Do world forces such as Chinese competitiveness threaten UK jobs?
    • Does the Internet threaten the survival of the high street? 
    • How has Covid-19 impacted different businesses? 
    • Can UK firms be a force for good, ethically and environmentally?

    You will gain an insight to a myriad of careers while examining the world.

    Beyond the Classroom: Extend your learning in Business by taking part in the Tycoon competition and attending after-school sessions with talks from Business managers.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    • Many of our students choose to participate in the Peter Jones Young Tycoon scheme in which students run their own business. We have an excellent track record of success in entrepreneurial competitions.

    Regular Trips, Visitors and Competitions

    • We enter the BASE competition and have been to the National Finals three times, most recently winning the Adaptability Award in 2019.
    • We run trips to businesses such as JCB, ABB and Jaguar LandRover.