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    Personal, Social and Health Education

    Our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme aims to help our pupils to develop into happy, healthy, confident, caring and responsible citizens who are well equipped to make the most of their own abilities and fulfil their potential in adult life.

    We are keen to work closely with parents in tackling the issues faced by young people today and so weave our optional Parents’ Pastoral Evenings into our PSHE programme so that we can develop a common understanding and approach.

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    Departmental Staff


    First to Fifth Forms – compulsory for all pupils

    All pupils in the First to Fifth Forms have one PSHE lesson per fortnight. We follow the PSHE Association Programme of Study to ensure that we stay in line with national guidelines and consult with our pupils to help meet their needs. We have a dedicated team of academic staff that deliver the lessons within the school timetable and are able to support that delivery with some tutor time and assembly slots.

    Members of the teaching team prepare and deliver modules of several lessons, usually related to their own subject specialism. First, Second and Fifth Form pupils are taught in groups and spend around 5-6 weeks looking at a particular topic with one teacher before moving on to the next module in the rotation with another teacher. Third and Fourth form pupils have one PSHE teacher throughout the year.

    Our curriculum is very wide-ranging but can be broadly broken down into the following areas:

    • Relationships Education:
      - Managing Change
      - Diversity and Difference
      - Families
      - Respectful relationships, including friendships, online media
      - Being safe
      - Intimate and sexual relationships, including sexual health
    • Health Education:
      - Mental Wellbeing
      - Internet safety and harms
      - Physical Health and healthy eating
      - Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco
      - Health and prevention
      - Basic First Aid
      - Changing Adolescent Body
    • Living in the Wider World:
       - Learning Skills
      - Choices and Pathways
      - Work and Career
      - Rights and Responsibilities
      - Financial Choices
      - Media literacy and digital resilience
      - Government and Democracy

    Further Information

    School Policies including those on Relationships & Sex Education, Bullying, Anti-Cyber Bullying, Drugs & Substance Abuse, can be found here.

    More detailed information by form (1st-5th) can be found in the pdf attachments available to view and download below.