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    Lending Support, Sponsorship & Donations

    How the OKA supports the School and individual Old Kimboltonians...

    With the OKA office firmly integrated into the School, the ways in which the OKs are able to lend their support to current pupils, as well as to other OKs, has been on the increase over the last few years. Find out below how the OKA proactively assists with school activities and supports OKs in particular ventures, and how you may be able to help in the future.

    OKs attending Kimbolton School Careers Fair 2014
    OKA and Kimbolton School Flags on Cricket PavilionBench donated in memory of Peter Smout at Kimbolton SchoolOK Katie GoodOKA Work Experience

    Careers Advice

    One of the many benefits of the OKA is the opportunity to network across a range of professions.  This proves to be valuable for both current pupils and OKs to seek careers advice and find work experience placements.

    The School hosts a Careers Fair that exposes pupils in the Fourth to Sixth Forms to as many career paths as possible at a time when curriculum and university choices are being considered.  Its aim is for the pupils to learn about the many different opportunities open to them and to hear first hand about what it is really like working in different fields.

    The OKA would be delighted to hear from you if you  or your organisation are interested in attending the Careers Fair to talk informally to pupils about your career, or if you are prepared to:

    • offer work experience placements (anything from a day to two weeks)
    • offer careers advice (by telephone, email or in person)
    • attend careers events at the School.

    Any offers of help would be much appreciated.  Please contact Vicky Wakefield (01480 862223) if you are able to help!

    Talking to School Clubs and Societies...

    With a plethora of extra-curricular clubs and societies that are open to pupils, it is not surprising that there is plenty of opportunity for OKs to support the School by coming along and talking to specific clubs / societies about their experience in a particular and relevant field.

    During the last academic year the School welcomed and benefitted from visits by OKs who spoke to the History Society, the Medical Society and to the Upper Sixth in a Citizenship lesson.

    A list of all activities can be found on the School website -if you feel that your knowledge in a certain area would be of interest to the School, please contact Vicky Wakefield.

    General Donations

    To either mark their time at school, or simply in recognition of how their Kimbolton education provided a sound base for stepping into the wide world of work, many OKs have donated a gift to the School.  You will be able to see several of these as you walk around the grounds - view gallery - including the flag poles on the Kyffin Owen Cricket Pavilion (donated by Simeon Skey, OK 89),  the pavilion clock (donated by brothers John Furnival, OK 56, and Adrian Furnival, OK 58), and benches in the courtyard donated in memory of former staff Michael Petty and Peter Smout. 

    If you are interested in donating to the school, whether a particular item or a monetary gift, get in touch with the OKA Office.

    The OKA Scholarship Trust Fund & Geoff Coles Memorial Fund

    In 1995 the OKA set up the Scholarship Trust Fund.  Its purpose was to establish and maintain scholarship awards to sixth form students who, due to specific circumstances, would not be able to further their education at Kimbolton without the support of a bursary award.  In 2015, the Fund was boosted by the introduction of the Geoff Coles Memorial Fund - a fund set up in memory of Geoff, former member of staff between 1958 - 1994.  

    Find out more about the Trust Fund and the Geoff Coles Memorial Fund and how to donate...

    OKA Sponsorship

    The OKA currently has a fund allocated to financially support OKs and current Kimbolton School pupils in exceptional ventures that they are pursuing.
    If you are planning a particular challenge or project that meets one of the following criteria and are looking for sponsorship, you are welcome to apply for support:

    • pursuit of a significant personal achievement
    • career development
    • raising money for a worthy cause
    • charity work
    • advancement of your education (we will not, however, simply contribute towards course fees).

    Find out more about who we have sponsored and how to apply...

    OK to OK

    One of the benefits of being a member of the OKA is the opportunity for OKs to network with each other, whether to create social, business or career opportunities.

    We are developing an OK Business Directory, detailing support and benefits that OKs are able to extend to other OKs, such as offering a discount on their products/services or developing a point of contact for career guidance. To access the Business Directory and view the current offers available, please go to the Members' Area.

    If you run your own business or the company you work for is in a position to extend services / offers to OKs, please contact Vicky Wakefield.

    Old Kimboltonians' Lodge

    The Old Kimboltonians' Masonic Lodge meets five times a year in the Castle on a Friday evening.  The meeting concludes with a convivial formal dinner.  The Lodge supports many charities and, recognising that charity begins at home, makes a significant contribution to the Headmaster's Scholarship Fund in conjunction with the OKA Scholarship Trust Fund.

    The Lodge has close to 70 members of all ages and is a great way to meet and interact with other OKs.  If you are interested in finding out more, please visit the Lodge website: