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    Junior Maths Challenge Success

    Gold Awards for top-scoring Ingrams pupils.

    Earlier this term our First and Second Form pupils sat the UK Mathematics Trust Junior Challenge. Aimed at pupils in Year 8 or below in England and Wales, the challenge involved answering 25 multiple choice maths questions in one hour under normal school exam conditions.

    Congratulations to Filip P, Alex R and Benjy E who achieved a Gold Award and win one of Mr Jessup's mechanical pencils. The following pupils also received a Gold Award and a mechanical pencil, with their high scores also qualifying them for the follow-on round on 11 June: Bradley G, Sam M, India F, Jasmine T, Sam D, Harry M, Oli R and Amaya F-J.

    Around 300,000 pupils from across the UK sat the Junior Maths Challenge this year, with approximately the top 6% receiving a Gold certificate. Well done to you all!

    A sample question from this year’s paper (answer at bottom of page)…

    What is 50% of 18.3 plus 18.3% of 50?

    A) 9.15
    B) 18.3
    C) 27.15
    D) 59.15
    E) 68.3











    Answer: B
    It is a general rule that x% of y equals y% of x. This is because x% of y = x 100 × y = xy 100 and y% of x = y 100 × x = yx 100. So 50% of 18.3 plus 18.3% of 50 = 50% of 18.3 plus 50% of 18.3 = 100% of 18.3 = 18.3.