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    Hands-on Science at the Prep

    Reception classes and visiting children enjoy 'Mini Mad Science' workshops exploring dry ice, gravity and light.

    We were delighted to welcome Mad Science to the Lower Prep recently for a series of workshops with our Reception classes and visiting children. In interactive and hands-on sessions, our youngest pupils got splishy and splashy, mad and messy, colourful and creative as they journeyed together with 'Zoe Zinc' and 'Professor 51' through the wonderful world of science.

    In the first workshop, 'Dry Ice' children learned all about frozen carbon dioxide, its properties and how it can be used to create special effects. The 45-minute session included  group participatory experiments such as 'floating on a cloud' and Harry Potter style bubbling potions!

    Workshop 2, 'Fantastic Fliers', saw pupils explore lift, gravity, thrust and drag in aviation - before putting the theory into practice by making and racing their very own stunt planes! 

    The final workshop of the day, 'Lights Colour Action' uncovered the hidden components in ordinary light and colours, with hands-on chromatography, lasers, lights, shadows, diffractions and even an ‘indoor firework’ chemical energy display!