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    Prep Mathematicians Race to School

    Year 6 swap school ties for racing silks as they visit Huntingdon racecourse to experience maths in action.

    Year 6 pupils swapped their school ties for racing silks when they visited Huntingdon racecourse to experience maths in action. They enjoyed behind the scenes access to all areas of the racecourse, inside and out, including the Weighing Room, Dressing Room and stables.

    Guided by an ex-jockey, and the Clerk of the Course, children learned about the important relationship between weight and performance in racing, and how the handicapping system works. They also practised their numeracy skills working out weights and measures.

    Year 6 teacher Mr James Cardwell said: “Activities included measuring the parade ring and working out how many horses could safely fit in at any one time, as well as calculating the tiny margins a jockey has to think about when trying to meet different weight requirements. Pupils learned about inches, feet, yards, chains, furlongs and miles and how these relate to the more familiar metric units of measurement we use in school.”

    The day was organised in conjunction with the charity ‘Racing to School’, who organise programmes using horseracing venues enabling pupils to explore National Curriculum subjects, such as maths, in an exciting and practical way.