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    Ishan Joins Debate on Mental Health

    Sixth Form student commended for his "well-researched and articulate" presentation at international webinar hosted by Delhi Public School Howrah, India. 

    Sixth Form student Ishan has been commended for his role in highlighting the mental wellbeing of healthcare workers during an international webinar hosted by Delhi Public School Howrah, in Calcutta, India. 


    The “Every Mind Matters” event was an opportunity for wide-ranging discussions on various aspects of mental health, with student speakers from countries including India, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom joining guest experts including Senior Psychiatrist Dr Debasish Ray, and Psychologist and Counsellor Dr Amitabh Mohan.


    16-year-old Ishan, who is studying for A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths, was awarded third place for his well-researched and articulate online presentation, with School Principal Ms Sunita Arora describing him as an “empathetic and intrinsically resilient speaker looking for the silver lining amidst the odds.”


    Ishan said: “I chose my topic “The Mental Wellbeing of Those Working in Hospitals” because I feel that, when considering all aspects of mental health, more awareness is needed around how stressful working in hospitals really is. Stress levels have been heightened over the last year with Covid-19 and that’s quite significant, I think. It also seemed like an appropriate area of discussion, as I aspire to study Medicine at university and pursue a career as a surgeon.”