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    Pupils Rise to Upcycling Challenge

    Ingrams House competition raises funds for environmental charities. 

    Ingrams pupils have risen to the challenge to ‘upcycle’ products for their latest House competition. The First and Second Formers were tasked with transforming unwanted items into new and exciting products that could be sold to raise funds for environmental charities. There were an impressive 55 entries, including guitars transformed into shelving units, a tyre made into a table, and a fire extinguisher toilet roll holder. Of these, our A Level Business students selected 30 finalists.  

    Business Teacher Mrs Jacqueline Powell said: “The pupils really embraced the concept of upcycling and have shown imagination and creativity in creating new things from old. The project has encouraged them to think more about what people can do with something other than throwing it away and sending it to landfill - sharing the important message that recycling everyday items helps our planet. The competition has also given them an insight into basic business strategies: coming up with an initial concept and sourcing materials, creating a product, and selling it to make a profit.” 

    All suitable products will now be sold via our School Charities Committee, with proceeds donated to Kimbolton’s Climate Appeal and other environmental charities. 

    Well done Ingrams!