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    A Level Biologists 'Brain Day'

    Upper 6th Biology students enjoy a fascinating workshop with neuroscientist Dr Guy Sutton.

    Upper 6th Biologists enjoyed a fascinating 'Brain Day' with neuroscientist Dr Guy Sutton, who made a welcome return to Kimbolton today (22 March). Dr Sutton focused on aspects of Biological Psychology and also performed a sheep brain dissection. During his visit, he provided students with an overview of how the brain works, illustrating some elementary principles of neuroanatomy and brain function. He examined methods of exploring the brain and its function, as well as discussing contemporary issues in neuroscience such as neurogenetics. Finally, he explained what happens when the brain becomes damaged and degenerates, with accompanying clinical examples.

    Biology teacher Mrs Clare Firby said: "Students were enthralled, and had lots of interesting questions for Dr Sutton. They particularly enjoyed being able to hold the brain, and to learn about the future of neuroscience and the development of organoids. "