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    Exploring nature: Year 3's adventure at Paxton Pits

    On 7 May 2024, Year 3 students from our Prep School embarked on an educational excursion to Paxton Pits, Cambridgeshire, for a day immersed in nature.

    Year 3 pupils visited Paxton Pits for an unforgettable school trip. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, this excursion promised a day of discovery, learning, and boundless excitement. Nestled in the heart of Cambridgeshire, Paxton Pits is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and budding explorers alike. It offers a tapestry of diverse habitats, from lush meadows to tranquil ponds, providing the perfect backdrop for an immersive outdoor, educational adventure.

    The pupils particularly enjoyed all the activities on offer on arrival. Equipped with nets and magnifying glasses, the pupils eagerly explored the ponds, discovering tadpoles, water beetles, and other aquatic life forms - they thoroughly enjoyed their pond dipping. In the meadows, they became environmental detectives taking part in the meadow sweeping activity with brushes and trays, sweeping through the grass to reveal a plethora of insects and critters. On a fossil-hunting expedition, the young adventurers searched for ancient treasures, from fossilised shells to prehistoric plant imprints which ignited the imagination and curiosity of the young palaeontologists, and finally bird-watching proved to be a delight as pupils spotted swans gliding across the water and vibrant warblers flitting amongst the trees.

    Returning to school full of memories, the pupils gained a deeper appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the natural world.