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    Kimbolton School commemorates cadets at Annual General Inspection ​​​​​​​

    Kimbolton School proudly celebrated its Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at its Annual General Inspection (AGI) day on 9 May – a cherished tradition that marks the dedication and service of its cadets through parades and a special prize-giving ceremony.

    A highlight in the school’s calendar, the event encapsulates the spirit of camaraderie associated with being a cadet. The day started with a traditional general salute and inspection of the cadets. A majestic grand parade then followed – commencing from the West Lawn. The parade showcased the remarkable dedication of Kimbolton’s Combined Cadet Force in all its glory. In recognition of outstanding contributions and achievements over the past year, exemplary cadets were then honoured at a prestigious prize-giving awards ceremony.

    Throughout the day, cadets also engaged in rigorous training exercises, sharpening their skills, and showcasing their talents to attending guests. As the day progressed, anticipation built for the sunset parade, a solemn yet poignant ceremony marking the culmination of the day's events and the departure of the Upper Sixth cadets. The momentous marching off by the Upper Sixth cadets symbolised their transition from the CCF and the conclusion of their journey at Kimbolton School.

    Reflecting on the day, Wing Commander Karen Dunn, Contingent Commander at Kimbolton School, said: “Through leadership training, military skills instruction, and adventurous teaching, the CCF is instrumental in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, instilling values that extend far beyond the parade ground. Our AGI day embraces a tradition that honours the dedication and service of our cadets, but also reflects the very essence of camaraderie and excellence that truly defines our cadet community.

    As we bid farewell to our Upper Sixth cadets, our traditional photograph of them on the saloon steps will serve as a lasting memento of their time in the CCF - capturing the bonds forged and memories shared throughout their cadet experience. We would like to wish our Upper Sixth cadets the best for their future endeavours. We can’t wait to see what you achieve.”

    Kimbolton’s CCF, comprising more than 220 pupils from the school and a number of students from St Peter’s School in Huntingdon, aims to promote personal qualities such as responsibility, resourcefulness and self-reliance in pupils. With a national reputation for excellence, Kimbolton’s CCF consists of three sections: Royal Navy, Army, and RAF.

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