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    Kimbolton School Speech Day 2024: celebrating achievements

    On Saturday, May 25, 2024, Kimbolton School held its annual Speech Day in a marquee on the Mall, with the historic Kimbolton Castle in the background. The event started at 10:30 am on a sunny day, attended by governors, guests, students, and parents.

    On Saturday, May 25, 2024, Kimbolton School held its annual Speech Day in a marquee on the Mall, with the historic Kimbolton Castle in the background. The event was attended by governors, guests, students, and parents.

    The programme began with the arrival of the Governors and guests, followed by the platform party. Speeches were given by Mr Jonathan Gray, Chairman of the Governors, Headmaster Will Chuter, Head Girl Harriet D., and Head Boy Harry M.

    The prize distribution was conducted by Brigadier Tim Seal TD ADC DL VR, HM Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire. The Head Girl then gave a vote of thanks.

    Prize winners:

    Ingrams House Prizes - First Form:

    - Attainment: Phoebe T. (1B), William P. (1D), Matilda B. (1K), Clara L. (1L), Oscar M. (1P)
    - Effort: Nathanael M. (1B), Beth N. (1D), Bonnie B. (1K), Tabitha G. (1L), Aston G. (1P)
    - General House Involvement: Sam L. (1B), Jemima N. (1D), Georgina C. (1K), Sophie W. (1L), Bea C. (1P)

    Ingrams House Prizes - Second Form:

    Attainment: Aiden M. (2B), Stephanie F-L. (2D), Elodie S. (2K), Claudia B. (2L), Leo W. (2P)
    Effort: Thomas G. (2B), Lucas R. (2D), Molly F. (2K), Henry P. (2L), Omer Z. (2P)
    - General House Involvement: Arthur F. (2B), Freya F. (2D), William Z. (2K), Freya M-L. (2L), Daniel S. (2P)

    Third Form Prizes:

    - Attainment: Eva D., Harry E., Monty G., Catie H., Amélie J., Gracie L., Claudia M., Aimee W., Hannah W.
    - General House InvolvementBayles: James H., Dawsons: Poppy W., Gibbards: Gracie L., Owens: Tilly R.
    - House Academic Effort: Alexandra C., Alex L., Oliver D., Qiselle L.

    Fourth Form Prizes:

    - Attainment:** Millie A-A., Olivia B., Callum C., Henry D., Amelia I., Taylor L., Arthur P., Alex S., Sofia S.
    - General House Involvement: Bayles: Annabel H., Dawsons: Noah S., Gibbards: Georgina A., Owens: Emily M-G.
    - House Academic Effort: Victoria Y., Erin M., Oscar L., Evie M.

    Fifth Form Prizes:
    - Art: Hollie B.
    - Biology: Naiya F.
    - Chemistry: Tilly S.
    - Computer Science: Felix B.
    - Drama: Tom B.
    - DTE (Engineering): Matthew G.
    - DTE (Product Design): Emilia E.
    - English: Beatrix G-B.
    - English Literature: Lucy R.
    - Food and Nutrition: Molly S.
    - French: Joel H.
    - Geography: Sophie S.
    - History: Willow C.
    - Mathematics: Arnav K.
    - Further Mathematics: Joe J.
    - Music: Haydn L.
    - Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics: Tessa Q.
    - Physical Education: Tessa Q.
    - Physics: Theo B.
    - Science: Bronte C., Emily D.
    - Spanish: Tilda C.

    General House Involvement: Bayles: Toby S-D, Dawsons: Christiana R., Gibbards: Tilda C., Owens: Alasdair L.

    House Academic Effort: Joel H., Joe J., Rosie H-J., Oscar H.

    Lower Sixth Form Prizes:
    - Attainment: Robert A., Grace I., Vukašin K., Ruby L., Benjamin L., James L., Joshua L., Christian L., Alistair O., Aarush R., Aoife S.
    - General House InvolvementBayles: Ellen D., Dawsons: Tawana N., Gibbards: James N., Owens: Billy F.

    Upper Sixth Form Prizes:
    - John Pettitt Memorial Prize for English Literature: Daisy S.
    - Matthew Desmond Memorial Prize for English and Cultural Contribution: Jasmine T.
    - David Bunting Memorial Prize for Geography: Hannah B.
    - Reginald Baxter Prize for Music: Matt J.
    - Irene Tomlin Prize for Music: Erica S.
    - Lynee Stone Prize for Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics: Anna B.
    - Michel Nutkins Prize for Politics: Anna B.

    - Old Kimboltonians' Prizes:

    •   Biology: Izzy F.
    •   Chemistry: Mark B.
    •   Mathematics: Sam D.
    •   Further Mathematics: Bradley G.
    •   Physics: Xavier P. N.

    - KSPA Prizes:
      - Jean Willmer Prize for Art: Erica S.
      - Art: Critical and Contextual: Alexandra G.
      - Art: Photography: Isobel A.
      - Business: Charlie H.
      - Design Technology and Engineering: Archie C.
      - Drama and Theatre: Isabel D.
      - Economics: Harry M.
      - English Language: Sadie W.
      - French: Amelia F.
      - Jonathan Belbin Prize for History: Harriet D.
      - Physical Education: Sadie W.
      - Spanish: Pippa M.

    - Monagu Players' Prize for Contributions to School Theatre: Poppy H.
    - Alison Miller Prize for Community Service: Summer R-G.
    - Lucinda Dunmore Memorial Cup for Courage and Resilience: India F.
    - Beverley Cup for Charitable Contribution: Mariko M-G.
    - Kimboltonian Prize for Contributions to The Kimboltonian: Thomas S.
    - The Bridge Debating Cup: Caitlin B.
    - Guy Ferguson Prize for Contributions to Young Entrepreneurship: Sophia P.
    - The Croft Cup for Unique Piece of Work Outside the Curriculum: Oliver D.
    - Headmaster's Colours: Isabel D., 'Fyin O., Erica S.
    - Headmaster's Prize and Colours: Harriet D., Harry M.

    After the formal proceedings, parents were invited to the West Lawn for refreshments, followed by a cricket match between the Headmaster's XI and the 1st XI. Congratulations to all prize winners!

    View a full gallery of images from the day.