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    Prep School Pupils Celebrate Language & Culture

    For the past two days, the buzz around the Prep School has been tangible as everyone immersed themselves wholeheartedly in language and culture.

    The whole school community, including our amazing teaching and catering teams, games coaches, Senior School linguists and visiting parents, took part in the planned activities. To see such excitement over learning about language is the aim of the day!

    In Upper Prep, every class worked as a team to research a region of France before decorating their classroom door in the theme of that region – the results were extremely impressive, with everything from 3D wine bottle displays to landscapes, maps, facts and artefacts.  Meanwhile, Lower Prep decorated their doors with the theme of ‘languages we speak’.

    Across the School there were themed activities, including a French breakfast for Lower Prep and a regional food tasting for Upper Prep pupils.  An event not to be missed was the Upper Prep Cultural Catwalk, where each House modelled a region of France through very witty and creative scenes with some fabulous costumes too.  Memorable moments included a living Arc de Triomphe, complete with traffic, human ‘beurre’ and a guest appearance by not one, but three ‘Brittany’ Spears!

    For Year 2, one of the highlights was a visit from nine of our Sixth Form linguists, who entertained and educated in equal measure and were excellent role models to encourage future language study.  We were also delighted to welcome some parents, who kindly came in to talk to the children about their native languages. These included Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Gujarati and Hungarian. 

    For all pupils, Languages Day culminated in a French cinema session in Hunter Hall.

    Languages Day has been running at the Prep for the past six years with a different language focus and activities each year. It has become a pupil highlight on the calendar, especially the catwalk!  We now the programme over two days, one for Upper Prep and one for Lower Prep and it is a fabulous opportunity outside of normal curriculum time to embrace the cultural aspects of language learning.  

    Congratulations Madame Bonnaud and everyone involved in making Language Day such a success.