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    Science Students Share Their Independent Research

    Lower Sixth Form scientists share their knowledge with the wider school community in our annual science showcase.

    Lower Sixth Form Biologists, Chemists and Physicists presented their individual research projects in poster form at our annual science showcase yesterday. The event is a highlight of the Kimbolton ‘7th period super curriculum’, in which students are given one lesson a week to carry out an independent research project in an area that has captured their imagination. Many of this year’s projects involved more in-depth laboratory work than is possible during the A level curriculum.

    The event is an opportunity for students to develop their science communication skills and to share their ideas with the wider school community - including pupils from other years, parents, and staff. Among the huge range of interesting projects on display were studies on ‘The Science Behind Laughter’, The Epigenetics of Schizophrenia and the Effects of Antipsychotic Drugs', ‘How do Salamanders Regenerate Their Limbs, and Why Can’t Humans?’, ‘The Chemistry of Comas’, ‘The Physics of Guitar Pickups' and ‘Can Plastic Surgery Cure Body Dysmorphia?'.

    All the projects were judged by science teachers, with awards given to the top three. In previous years, many of our students have gone on to present their work at the Cambridge Science Festival.

    Chemistry teacher and showcase organiser Mr Alan Monaghan said, "Our science students have been working hard in their seventh lesson period, on a wide variety of individual research projects based on their own interests and potential further education. The poster presentation event gives them a chance to showcase the extensive knowledge they have gained through their research and gives them a chance to communicate their enthusiasm for their chosen topic. Poster communications are widely used in further education and scientific conferences, so this is a great opportunity to hone these skills.”