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    Senior House Sailing

    Victory for Gibbards in breezy conditions at Grafham Water.

    House sailing on Grafham Water

    Congratulations to Gibbards, winners of our Senior House sailing competition which took place in breezy conditions on Wednesday 6 October. Three races were completed, each one consisting of two laps around a triangle course. Racing was close, with the difference generally coming down to a few minor mistakes. 

    Gibbards got off to a good start, winning the first two races, however Rob and Sam had a lot of work to do in the third race having received a penalty just before the start. Meanwhile, Balyes had a poor start in the first race, but recovered to second; getting into their stride, Owen and Henry then scored another second place and a win in the third race. Early signs showed that these were the two boats to watch!

    Owens (Lloyd and Benny) and Dawsons (Jack and Milton, defending champions) were in a close battle for third and fourth place overall, at times they were very close to the Gibbards and Balyes boats but were hampered by making a few more mistakes than the others. Dawsons eventually secured a second place in the last race which would work in their favour. 

    Two tie breaks were resolved after a little head-scratching and consulting the World Sailing rule book. Well done to all the sailors, it was a thrilling match to watch!

    Senior House Sailing Results

    • 1st Gibbards 1,1,3 = 5 points
    • 2nd Balyes 2,2,1 = 5
    • 3rd Dawsons 4,4,2 = 10
    • 4th Owens 3,3,4 = 10