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    Top Trips for Lower Prep Pupils

    Visits to Nene Outdoors and Kimbolton Fire Station complement pupils' classroom studies on 'Island Life' and 'The Great Fire of London'.

    Lower Prep pupils enjoyed a busy week with trips to complement their classroom studies on the topics of 'Island Life' and 'The Great Fire of London'. Year 1 enjoyed a fun 'Pirate Day' at Nene Outdoors, Peterborough, where they designed and built their own pirate ships, before testing whether the vessels would float on a small lake. They also built pirate dens in the woods and hunted for a hidden treasure chest full of delicious treats.

    Meanwhile, Year 2 pupils walked through the School grounds to Kimbolton Fire Station. Three firefighters showed the group around, explaining how the fire service works and the different equipment on board a fire engine.  To demonstrate how easily fire can spread and under controlled conditions, pupils watched as cardboard model houses, which they'd previously made in the classroom, went up in flames. The fire spread incredibly quickly, helped by the dry conditions and the winds – just like in 1666 during The Great Fire of London. 

    Class teacher Miss de Friend said: "It made us feel sad watching our hard work go up in flames, but it taught us how dangerous and destructive fire can be, and we discussed what it might feel like if we lost our home and all of our belongings. The highlight of the trip was using the hose - the fire station was incredibly wet by the time everyone had had their turn!"

    Thank you to the teams at Nene Outdoors and Kimbolton Fire Station for providing us with such fun and educational experiences.