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    U6th Chemists Shine in RSC Chemistry Olympiad

    Upper Sixth Chemists received their certificates following some fantastic results in the first round of the challenging RSC Chemistry Olympiad 2024.

    The UK Chemistry Olympiad, which is open to all secondary schools and colleges in the British Isles includes questions aimed at students in their last year of study before higher education.  The competition is designed to challenge, and is not easy. It is an opportunity to develop thinking and problem-solving skills, and to test existing knowledge of chemistry in real-world situations.

    Run annually, the competition is made up of three stages that start with a written test and end with four students representing the UK at the prestigious International Chemistry Olympiad.  The first stage is designed to test chemical knowledge through a written test with real-world chemistry problems.  Here are the results from this stage: 

    Gold (Top 8.3% of candidates) - Samuel, Nathan, Xavier 

    Silver (Top 25.0% of candidates) - Mark, Benjamin, India, Isabella, Bradley, Talia 

    Bronze (Top 36.8% of candidates) - Christian, Lisa, Byron, Lance, Pippa 

    Congratulations to you all!