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    House Cross-Country 2020

    Prep and Senior pupils compete for House points in our annual cross-country challenge.

    Prep and Senior pupils are taking part in our annual house cross-country this week – albeit in Covid-safe year group bubbles. At the Senior School, limited numbers of keen athletes tackled a course that kept them within the Senior School grounds, during their Ingrams, Middles and Senior Games lessons. At the Prep, all pupils will take part in races on Thursday morning, ahead of half term, including a 200m fun run for our youngest Reception children.

    Individual results are below; please check back for updates and photogalleries from all of the races, plus overall House results.


    Upper Prep - Individual Results

    Year 3

    Place Year 3 Girls Year 3 Boys
    1st Kitty  Atticus
    2nd Charlotte  Archie
    3rd Ginny Henry

    Year 4

    Place Year 4 Girls Year 4 Boys
    1st Naisha  Yannick
    2nd Felicity Oscar
    3rd Jemima  Joshua 

    Year 5

    Place Year 5 Girls Year 5 Boys
    1st Tiggy  Rafferty
    2nd Clara  Benoît
    3rd Olivia Hugo

    Year 6

    Place Year 6 Girls Year 6 Boys
    1st Boo  Harrison
    2nd Emma Harry
    3rd Eliza Matthew 


    Senior School - Individual Results


    Place First Form Girls First Form Boys Second Form Girls Second Form Boys
    1st Jemima  Oli Charlie Alastair 
    2nd Camille Archie Trixie Henry
    3rd Olive Max Tessa Will





    Place Third Form Girls Third Form Boys Fourth Form Girls Fourth Form Boys
    1st Connie Sam Pippa Lucca
    2nd Bella Arron Lauren Benjy
    3rd Ruby Freddie Millie Rhys



    Place Fifth Form Girls Fifth Form Boys Sixth Form Girls Sixth Form Boys
    1st Olivia  Ed Katie Markus
    2nd Lucia Doug Isabel Spencer 
    3rd Anna  Tom Lauren Sam