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    Fruitful Filming for Business Students

    Sixth Formers take on the UK juice market, as part of their 7th period super-curriculum marketing project.

    Sixth Form Business students today filmed adverts for the launch of their new smoothie products, as part of a 7th period super-curriculum marketing project. Their classroom brief was to research the juice market in the UK, identify new trends and show how they would bring a new product to market to meet consumer needs. 

    Working in small teams, students first explored the strategies of big brands including Tropicana and Innocent. They identified a backlash against high-sugar products and an upwards trend in smoothie-type drinks with additional health-boosting ingredients, such as turmeric and flaxseeds.  

    The 16- and 17-year-olds then came up with innovative ideas for their own products, including ‘Bambu’, an eco-friendly drink containing nutritious bamboo water, and ‘Schnarn’, a low-sugar drink for the health-conscious generation. Another beverage was ‘Alternatise’, a non-alcoholic beer alternative aimed at the business-to-business market, selling directly into pubs. Today’s promotional filming took place ahead of a final presentation to their teacher and fellow A Level students. 

    Business teacher Mrs Jacqui Powell said: “These 7th period enrichment sessions offer all Sixth Form students wider academic opportunities and the chance to create something interesting, different and eye-catching for their portfolios. This marketing task was a fun opportunity to put the theory they had learned in the classroom into practice in the real world - albeit without actually launching the finished product.”