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    Brand New Library for Prep Pupils

    Books take centre stage in new entrance building.

    Prep pupils returned to school today for the start of the Summer term – and were welcomed back with a brand-new library and reading den! The library, which is located in the new entrance building, is the final stage of the recent Prep School building project and has taken a great deal of thought and planning. While its main purpose is as a child-centred reading hub, the space also acts as a flexible extension to the Hunter Hall, which hosts assemblies, plays and concerts throughout the year.

    A number of different designs were considered but BookSpace offered the best solution. This library design company was able to take our ideas and turn them into an exciting reality, with moveable shelving and attractive furniture offering plenty of opportunities for display and the promotion of books. Another integral part of the project was to establish a new Library Management system that was easy to use for both staff and pupils. Libresoft has provided an excellent package that again makes the area attractive and exciting – pupils can issue and return books, search for topics, and even review and rate titles they have read.  

    Finally, the old stock needed to be weeded and new material added. This was where the Norfolk Children’s Book Centre entered the picture. The team arrived in the Easter holiday, transferred books to the new system and added hundreds of fresh books to the empty shelves. The transformation was complete! We now have an amazing library that is accessible, exciting and sends a clear message that reading is fun.  

    Mrs Sue Hart, Library Manager, who oversaw the project with Mrs Sophie Bettison, Prep Library Coordinator, is thrilled with what has been achieved. She says: “This is just the right environment we were hoping to create. The library draws the children in, the books are displayed in a way that makes them want to pick them up and there are spaces to sit and relax. A superb place to help create readers for life.” 

    Mr Phil Foley, Prep School Headmaster, adds: “The library is the beating heart of the school, where books and reading are centre-stage and where there is a warm, welcoming space for children to explore and enjoy reading in all its forms. In a digital world, we still place immense value on encouraging healthy reading habits. Reading is the cornerstone of so many important facets of successful lifelong learning, and more than this, the pleasure derived from simply getting lost in a good book remains inestimable.”