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    OKA Trust Fund & Memorial Funds

    OKA Scholarship Trust Fund

    In 1995 the OKA set up the Scholarship Trust Fund.  Its purpose was to establish and maintain scholarship awards to sixth form students who, due to specific circumstances, would not be able to further their education at Kimbolton without the support of a bursary award.

    The Fund has been fortunate to benefit from gifts left by former pupils, and over the last seventeen years more than thirty students (all independently and confidentially selected by the Headmaster) have received the award and been able to secure a promising future.

    All donations are added to the Fund capital and only the interest can be spent, so the award is very much based on the performance of the investment.

    To date, the Trustees have been able to ensure that the level of financial support has not been decreased, but with little sign of improvement in interest rates and in today's economic uncertainty, the level of award cannot be guaranteed without continual investment into the Fund.

    Donating a gift to the Trust Fund is an act of generosity that will help maintain the current level of award - any donation, however large or small, will provide income for each and every year in the future.

    If you decide to help, your support would be hugely appreciated by the School and the OKA, as well as the Students concerned.  A donation can be made as a one-off payment at any time, or by a series of annual payments, by completing the Donation Form below.

    Geoff Coles Memorial Trust Fund

    Geoff Coles was on the staff at Kimbolton School from 1958 until his retirement in 1994.  He was Head of Geography 1958-1994, Senior Master and Head of Sixth Form 1989-1994, Officer Commanding the CCF 1967-1989 and Housemaster of Kim House 1962-1977.  He was also heavily involved in sport, music and drama and, after his retirement in 1994, he played an active part in the Old Kimboltonians' Association.

    Geoff was one of the founding Trustees for the OKA Scholarship Trust Fund. He strongly believed in the work that the Trust Fund does and, after many OKs expressed a wish to have a lasting memorial to Geoff, it was decided that it was fitting to set up a Geoff Coles Trust Fund to support the work of the existing Fund that he so valued.

    The Fund is managed by the current OKA Scholarship Trust Fund trustees and is used to ensure that the level of financial award to students is maintained and, if finances allow, increased.

    If you would like to donate to the Geoff Coles Memorial Trust Fund, please complete the Donation Form below.  Your support is very much appreciated.