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    DofE - Assessors

    An Assessor checks on your progress and agrees the completion of a section of your programme.  They will produce or sign off the relevant Assessor’s report for that section, which is uploaded into eDofE.

    An Assessor can be anyone who is interested in helping you to achieve, has some knowledge of the activity you are doing and can be available over the time you’re doing it.  From the local football club coach to a charity shop manager, from the neighbour who’s a web designer to the conservation expert leading a residential week, just about anyone can be an Assessor for the Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Residential sections.

    However, Assessors MUST be independent. Therefore, they CANNOT be a member of your family (or the recipient in the case of Volunteering).

    Because of the nature of expeditions, there are slightly different rules in place for Expedition Assessors.

    The Assessor should have knowledge of the activity being undertaken and be aware of your objectives. Give them the Award level ‘assessor’s report’ template available from the schools website DofE page.

    The Assessor should also be available at key stages throughout your experience in order to assess your contribution and development.

    Once a section is complete the Assessor will meet with you to discuss your performance, experiences and achievements.

    The Assessor will also decide whether you have met the DofE requirements – that you’ve demonstrated effort, perseverance, improvement and made progress towards your section goals. This information, along with comments from the Assessor, should be recorded on the Assessor’s report.

    Once completed an assessor’s reports along with the section activity log should be uploaded by the participant onto their eDofE account.