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    The Kimbookworms is a thriving lunchtime club for Ingrams (ages 11 to 13) pupils who love books and want to have fun with other like-minded readers.

    We meet in the library and get involved in a wide range of fun activities with the aims of exploring different books together and promoting books and the library within school.  We participate in competitions and games, try our hand at website design, create attractive and appealing displays, and shadow the judging of the annual Carnegie children’s book awards. 
    Kimbookworms also go on outings, for example to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and enjoy cinema evenings and, of course, end-of-term parties.
    Each autumn, two teams are selected from the group to enter the national Kids Lit Quiz, a literature competition for 10 to 13 year olds. The Kimquestors  recently represented the school at the national competition in Oxford after winning the Central England heat.