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    Senior School Extra-Curricular Activities

    Below is the provisional list of extra-curricular activities, music and sport available to Senior School pupils. Pupils are expected to commit to a club/activity for at least half a term (no need to book, just turn up).

    Regular Activities and Music - SPRING TERM 2024



    (1635-1730 unless stated otherwise)


    Chamber Choir: 1315-1350 – Rehearsal Room (DCG)
    Chess Club (1st/2nd Forms): 1310-1340 – M2 (IKA/KWA)
    Spanish Club: 1340-1410 (all years) – FR3 (JEM)

    Brass group: 1635-1715 – Rehearsal Room (CAH)
    Duke of Edinburgh training – WBLT (ARL/JMB)
    LAMDA: 1630-1745 – Lewis Hall (NLA)
    MedSoc (5th/6th Forms) – B1 (PJW)
    Open Art – see Pellegrini Art Centre for details


    Chess Club (3rd/4th Forms): 1310-1340 – M2 (IKA/KWA)
    Flute group: 1315-1345 – Guthrie Room (CJH)

    Guitar group: 1315-1335 – Music Classroom 3 (MH)

    Ingrams Craft Club 1315-1345 – B4 (HFG/CS2)

    Ingrams Voices: 1315-1350 – Rehearsal Room (EMW)

    KimPride (all years): 1310-1410 – Drama Studio (AND)

    Musicianship & Theory: 1315-1350 – Music Classroom 1 (DCG)
    Poetry Society (all years): 1340-1410 – E3 (SAS)

    Production rehearsal (all years): 1315-1400 – Lewis Hall (NLA/DCG)

    Sax ensemble: 1315-1345 – Music Classroom 2 (JJM)

    Spanish Conversation club: 1310-1335 – SP2 (JEM)

    Technical Theatre club (all years): 1310-1340 – Lewis Hall (NEP)

    Tycoon (6th Form Business competition): 1320-1410 – KW8 (JAP)

    Big Band: 1645-1745 – Rehearsal Room (JJM)
    CCF (RAF) team training – FR1 and WBLT (APB)
    Open Art (all years) – see Pellegrini Art Centre for details
    Production rehearsal (all years): 1630-1800 – Lewis Hall (NLA/DCG)
    Wellbeing club: 1630-1800 – (JRB / LEJ)
    6th Form Rock Band: 1720-1800 – Drum Studio (MH)


    Chess Club (5th/6th Forms): 1310-1340 – M2 (IKA/KWA)
    Clarinet ensemble: 1315-1345 – Rehearsal Room (TWC)

    Ingrams Astrophysics 1310-1340 – P3 (CMH)

    Ingrams Creative Writing club – E1 (LLD)

    Ingrams Rife Club 1310-1410 – Rifle Range (DVG)

    Kimboltonian Editorial Team – E3 (SAS)

    Musicianship & Theory: 1315-1350 – Music Classrooms 1 and 3 (EMW/TWC)

    Production rehearsal (all years): 1315-1400 – Lewis Hall (NLA/DCG)

    Warhammer Club (all years); 13.10-13.40 – B2 (CIJ)

    Concert Band: 1630-1730 – Rehearsal Room (TWC)
    International society – Orangery (MFL staff)
    Mental Health Workshop (all years): 1630-1730 – PRE1 (ECW)
    MUN club: 1630-1745 – H1 (TLP)
    Open Art – see Pellegrini Art Centre for details
    P4C (Philosophy for Community) club (all years) – E2 (SEP)
    Production rehearsal (1st-3rd):1630-1800 – Drama Studio (AND)


    CCF Band & Corps of Drums: 1335-1415 – Rehearsal Room (CAH)
    French club (all years): 1340-1410 – FR2 (EYL, French Assistante)

    Kimbookworms (Ingrams): 1310-1340 – Vanbrugh Library (PMB)

    Musicianship & Theory: 1315-1350 – Music Classroom 1 (RSS)

    Production rehearsal (1st-3rd): 1315-1400 – Lewis Hall (AND)

    The Enlightenment Society (4th-6th): 1340-1410 – PRE2 (AEO/RCC/OJC)

    Digital Leaders (L6th Form): 1630-1730 – H1 (JRB)
    Orchestra: 1630-1800 – Lewis Hall / Rehearsal Room (EMW/RSS)
    Open Art – see Pellegrini Art Centre for details
    Production rehearsal (all years):1630-1800 – Lewis Hall (NLA/DCG)
    Sixth Form Book Club (one meeting each half term): 1630-1730 – Library (SEP/AEO)


    Bullet Journal Club (all years): 1310-1415 – B4 (HFG)
    Charities committee (all years): 1320-1400 – E3 (CHB/CCE)

    Feminist Society (all years):1310-1335 – E2 (SEP)

    Ingrams Drama club: 1315-1345 – Drama Studio (AND)

    Open Art (all years) – see Pellegrini Art Centre for details
    School Choir: 1630-1745 – Rehearsal Room (DCG)


    Regular Sport - SPRING TERM 2024


    Lunch (1310-1340 unless stated otherwise)

    After School (1630-1745 unless stated otherwise.)




    Senior Boys’ Hockey (until 11th March) (JCN)
    Senior Girls’ Netball (until 11th March) (KMG)
    Senior Boys’ & Girls’ Cricket (18th & 25th March) (MSG)

    Senior Boys’ & Girls’ Tennis (18th & 25th March) (AJR/ASL)

    Canoeing: team training – Roger Peel Sports Centre (JS)



    Middles Basketball club: 13:30-14:10 – Sports Hall (ASM)
    Badminton & Table Tennis club: 1330-1410 – Sports Hall (TML)

    Ingrams Boys’ Hockey (until 12th March) (JCN)
    Ingrams Girls’ Netball (until 12th March) (KMG)
    Ingrams Boys’ & Girls’ Cricket (19th & 26th March) (MSG)

    Ingrams Boys’ & Girls’ Tennis (19th & 26th March) (AJR/ASL)



    Ingrams Rifle club: 1310-1400 – Indoor Range (DVG)

    Middles Boys’ Hockey (until 13th March) (JCN)
    Middles Girls’ Netball (until 13th March) (KMG)
    Middles Boys’ & Girls’ Cricket (20th & 27th March) (MSG)

    Middles Boys’ & Girls’ Tennis (20th & 27th March) (AJR/ASL)

    Canoeing: team training – Outdoor Pursuits (JS)

    Clay pigeon shooting – Sporting Targets, Riseley (MB)



    Swimming club (All years) (SLP/JC)
    Boys’ Cricket Development squad (invited pupils) (MSG)

    1st XI Hockey (invited pupils) (JCN)
    Girls’ Football club (7th, 14th, 21st March) (CKL)


    Netball Shooting club (all years) – Sports Hall (CJE)

    Girls’ Cricket Development training (CJH)