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    Senior School Extra-Curricular Activities

    Please note: all clubs and activities may be subject to review or modification at any time, depending on ongoing government Covid-19 guidance and to ensure the safety of all pupils and staff.

    Below is a typical list of extra-curricular activities available to Senior School pupils. Pupils are expected to commit to a club/activity for at least half a term.

    Club/Activity Form(s) Day Time Location Staff Notes
    Chamber choir 5th and 6th Monday 1315-1350 Rehearsal Room DCG  
    Astrophysics society All Monday 1630-1730 P3 CMH  
    Brass group All Monday 1630-1730 Rehearsal Room CAH  
    Dungeons & Dragons Club 1st-5th Monday 1630-1730 E4 TBC  
    Filmosophy  1st, 2nd Monday 1630-1730 PRE2 CET  
    MUN preparation All Monday 1630-1730 H1 JCN After half term
    Open Art All Monday 1630-1730 Pellegrini Art Centre LDB  
    Robotics club All Monday 1630-1730 DL MR  
    Football boys Seniors Monday 1630-1745 Heath pitch CJH/ASL Until half term
    Hockey girls Seniors Monday 1630-1745 Castle/Duchess astro Jom/JSO/BMM/AJR/TML Until half term
    LAMDA 1st-3rd Monday 1630-1745 Lewis Hall External teacher  
    Hockey boys Seniors Monday 1730-1745 Duchess astro JOM/BMM/ASL/AJT From half term
    Netball girls Seniors Monday 1730-1745 RVP/SH JOB From half term
    Swimming training All Tuesday 0745-0820 Pool TML  
    Ingrams Craft Club Ingrams Tuesday 1310-1345 B3 HFG/SER  
    Technical Theatre All Tuesday 1310-1345 Lewis Hall NEP  
    Ingrams Voices (Junior Choir) 1st and 2nd Tuesday 1315-1350 Rehearsal Room EMW  
    Astrophysics society All Tuesday 1630-1730 P3 CMH  
    CCF (RAF) team training 4th-U6th Tuesday 1630-1730 FR2 ORH/APB  
    Confirmation preparation All Tuesday 1630-1730 Chaplain's Office PJC  
    CU2 All Tuesday 1630-1730 E2 JRS/SEP  
    MedSoc 5th, 6th Tuesday 1630-1730 B1 CEF  
    Open Art All Tuesday 1630-1730 Pellegrini Art Centre LDB  
    Textiles club All Tuesday 1630-1730 Textiles room ES  
    Football boys Ingrams Tuesday 1630-1745 Duchess astro CJH/AJT/PAB/SRD Until half term
    Hockey girls Ingrams Tuesday 1630-1745 Castle/Duchess astro JOM/BMM Until half term
    Production rehearsals All Tuesday 1630-1745 Lewis Hall JCW  
    Big Band  By invitation Tuesday 1645-1745 Rehearsal Room JJM  
    Gardening Club All Wednesday 1310-1345 Health Centre Garden HFG  
    Rifle club  Ingrams Wednesday 1310-1400 CCF Range DVG/ALO  
    Ingrams Independent 1st and 2nd Wednesday 1315-1335 E1 LLD  
    Guitar Group All Wednesday 1315-1350 Music Classroom MH  
    Concert Band All Wednesday 1630-1730 Rehearsal Room TWC  
    Open Art All Wednesday 1630-1730 Pellegrini Art Centre LDB  
    P4C All Wednesday 1630-1730 E2 SEP  
    Football boys Middles Wednesday 1630-1745 Duchess astro CJH/SRD Until half term
    Hockey boys Middles Wednesday 1630-1745 Duchess astro JOM/BMM/CJAB/NJW After half term
    Hockey girls Middles Wednesday 1630-1745 Duchess/Castle astro JOM/BMM/CJAB/NJW Until half term
    Netball girls Middles Wednesday 1630-1745 Roger Peel Sports Centre JSO/KMG After half term
    Trampette club  Ingrams Wednesday 1630-1745 Roger Peel Sports Centre PE  
    Tycoon L6th Wednesday 1630-1745 M2 AW  
    Clay shooting All Wednesday 1630-1800 Riseley JW  
    Open Art All Wednesday 1630-1800 Pellegrini Art Centre LDB  
    Wellbeing club All Wednesday 1630-1800 DTE CAS  
    Kimbookworms 1st and 2nd Thursday 1310-1345 Vanbrugh Library SH  
    CCF Band 4th, 5th, 6th Thursday 1335-1415 Rehearsal Room CAH  
    History Society All Thursday 1630-1730 H3 JRKG/NHH  
    Cricket development boys All Thursday 1630-1745 Roger Peel Sports Centre MSG/AJT From 19th September 
    Dance club All Thursday 1630-1745 Roger Peel Sports Centre ED  
    Production rehearsals All Thursday 1630-1745 Lewis Hall JCW  
    STEM Club All years Thursday 1630-1745 C3 NRH  
    Swimming squad All Thursday 1630-1745 Pool TML  
    Tycoon L6th Thursday 1630-1745 KW8 JRS  
    Orchestra All Thursday 1630-1800 Rehearsal Room EMW  
    Football boys Seniors Thursday 1700-1800   CJH  
    Hockey girls Seniors Thursday 1700-1800   JOM  
    Swimming training All Friday  0745-0820 Pool TML  
    Charities committee All Friday 1310-1400 E3 CCE  
    Warhammer Modelling Club All Friday 1310-1400 P4 TLW  
    Cricket development girls All Friday 1600-1745 Roger Peel Sports Centre MSG/AJT  
    Ingrams Drama club Ingrams Friday 1630-1730 Lewis Hall SCL  
    Open Art All Friday 1630-1730 Pellegrini Art Centre LDB  
    Philosophy Society Seniors Friday 1630-1730 P10 CJAB  
    School Choir All Friday 1630-1745 Rehearsal Room DCG