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    Senior School Extra-Curricular Activities

    Below is the list of extra-curricular activities, music and sport available to Senior School pupils in Spring Term 2022. Pupils are expected to commit to a club/activity for at least half a term (no need to book, just tum up).
    Please note: all clubs and activities may be subject to review or modification at any time, depending on ongoing government Covid-19 guidance and to ensure the safety of all pupils and staff.

    Regular Activities and Music


    Lunch time

    After School (1635-1730 unless stated otherwise)



    Chamber Choir: 1315-1350 – Rehearsal Room (DCG)
    Guitar Group: 1315-1345 – Music Classroom 1 (MH)
    Sax Group: 1315-1345 – Music Classroom 2 (JJM)

    Board Games – E2 (ORH)
    Brass Group: 1635-1715 – Rehearsal Room (CAH)
    Filmosophy (Ingrams) – PRE 2 (CET)
    LAMDA: 1630-1745 – Lewis Hall (JCW)
    Open Art – see Pellegrini Art Centre for details




    Ingrams Voices: 1315-1350 – Rehearsal Room (EMW)
    Music Theory: 1315-1345 – Music Classroom (BRL & LFR)
    Technical Theatre Club: 1310-1340 – Lewis Hall (SWR)
    Astrophysics Society – P3 (CMH)
    Big Band: 1645-1745 – Rehearsal Room (JJM)
    CU2 – E2 CCF (RAF) team training – FR2 (APB)
    Confirmation preparation – Chaplain’s Office (PJC)
    International Society – FR1 (MFL staff)
    MedSoc – B1 (CEF) Open Art – see Pellegrini Art Centre for details
    Tycoon (6th Form Business competition): 1630-1745 – M2 (RT)



    Ingrams Creative Writing Club – E1 (AEO)
    Music Theory: 1315-1345 – Music Classroom (EMW & LFR)
    Concert Band – Rehearsal Room (TWC)
    Open Art – see Pellegrini Art Centre for details
    MUN Club: 1630-1730 – H1 (JCN)
    P4C Club – E2 (SEP)
    Tycoon (6th Form Business competition): 1630-1745 – KW8 (JRS)
    Wellbeing Club: 1630-1800 – DTE (CAS)


    CCF Band & Corp of Drums: 1335-1415 – Rehearsal Room (CAH)
    French Club: 1310-1340 – FR3 (French Assistant)
    Kimbookworms – Vanbrugh Library (SH)
    Sixth Form Culture Shock (Liberal Arts Society): 1330-1400 – E2 (AEO)
    Third Form Drama Club – Drama Studio

    History Society – H3 (NHH)
    Orchestra: 1630-1800 – Rehearsal Room (EMW)
    Open Art – see Pellegrini Art Centre for details
    Philosophy Society (all years): 1630-1730 – P11 (ECW & RCC)
    STEM Club (1st-3rd Forms) – C3 (NRH)


    Charities Committee: 1320-1400 – E3 (CCE)
    Feminist Society: 1315-1345 – E2 (SEP)
    Sixth Form Play Reading Club (fortnightly): 1310-1340 – DS (JCW)
    Warhammer Modelling Club: 1315-1400 – P4 (TLW)
    Ingrams Drama Club: 1630-1745 – Lewis Hall (AND)
    Open Art – see Pellegrini Art Centre for details
    School Choir: 1630-1745 – Rehearsal Room (DCG)


    Regular Sport 


    Lunch (1310-1340 unless stated otherwise)

    After School (1630-1745 unless stated otherwise.)
    *Please note: The Gym & Dance display will take place on the 24th March. There will be no after school practices that week.)





    Senior Boys’ Hockey (until 7th March)
    Senior Girls’ Netball (until 7th March)
    Senior Boys’ Cricket Nets (14th & 28th March)*
    Senior Girls’ & Boys’ Tennis (14th & 28th March)*



    Middles Basketball Club: 13:30-14:10 – Sports Hall Ingrams Boys’ Hockey (until 1st February)
    Ingrams Girls’ Netball (until 1st February)
    Ingrams Creative Movement Club (8th February to 22nd March) Ingrams Boys’ Cricket Nets (29th March)
    Ingrams Girls’ & Boys’ Tennis (29th March)



    Ingrams Rifle Club: 1310-1400 – Indoor Range
    Badminton & Table Tennis Club: 1315-1340 – Sports Hall
    Strength & Conditioning Club: 1315-1340 – Small Gym

    Middles Boys’ Hockey (until 9th March)
    Middles Girls’ Netball (until 9th March)
    Middles Boys’ Cricket Nets (16th & 30th March)*
    Middles Girls’ & Boys’ Tennis (16th & 30th March)*
    Clay shooting: 1620-1800 - Riseley



    Swimming Training & Galas (all years)
    Boys’ Cricket Development Squad (invited pupils)
    1st XI Hockey Practice (invited pupils)


    Swimming training/fitness (all years)

    Ingrams Dance Club: 1315-1345 – Small Gym

    Girls’ Cricket Development Squads