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    Senior School Extra-Curricular Activities - Autumn 2020

    Please note: all clubs and activities may be subject to review or modification at any time, depending on ongoing government guidance and to ensure the safety of all pupils and staff.

    Below is the provisional list of extra-curricular activities for Senior School pupils, for Autumn Term 2020. There is no need to book for these activities; unless otherwise advised, please just turn up. Pupils are expected to commit to a club/activity for at least half a term.

    Club/Activity Form(s) Day Time Location Staff Notes
    Chamber choir 5th and 6th Monday 1315-1350 Rehearsal Room DCG  
    Astrophysics society All Monday 1630-1730 P3 CMH  
    Brass group All Monday 1630-1730 Rehearsal Room CAH  
    Dungeons & Dragons Club 1st-5th Monday 1630-1730 E4 TBC  
    Filmosophy  1st, 2nd Monday 1630-1730 PRE2 CET  
    MUN preparation All Monday 1630-1730 H1 JCN After half term
    Open Art All Monday 1630-1730 Pellegrini Art Centre LDB  
    Robotics club All Monday 1630-1730 DL MR  
    Football boys Seniors Monday 1630-1745 Heath pitch CJH/ASL Until half term
    Hockey girls Seniors Monday 1630-1745 Castle/Duchess astro Jom/JSO/BMM/AJR/TML Until half term
    LAMDA 1st-3rd Monday 1630-1745 Lewis Hall External teacher  
    Hockey boys Seniors Monday 1730-1745 Duchess astro JOM/BMM/ASL/AJT From half term
    Netball girls Seniors Monday 1730-1745 RVP/SH JOB From half term
    Swimming training All Tuesday 0745-0820 Pool TML  
    Ingrams Craft Club Ingrams Tuesday 1310-1345 B3 HFG/SER  
    Technical Theatre All Tuesday 1310-1345 Lewis Hall NEP  
    Ingrams Voices (Junior Choir) 1st and 2nd Tuesday 1315-1350 Rehearsal Room EMW  
    Astrophysics society All Tuesday 1630-1730 P3 CMH  
    CCF (RAF) team training 4th-U6th Tuesday 1630-1730 FR2 ORH/APB  
    Confirmation preparation All Tuesday 1630-1730 Chaplain's Office PJC  
    CU2 All Tuesday 1630-1730 E2 JRS/SEP  
    MedSoc 5th, 6th Tuesday 1630-1730 B1 CEF  
    Open Art All Tuesday 1630-1730 Pellegrini Art Centre LDB  
    Textiles club All Tuesday 1630-1730 Textiles room ES  
    Football boys Ingrams Tuesday 1630-1745 Duchess astro CJH/AJT/PAB/SRD Until half term
    Hockey girls Ingrams Tuesday 1630-1745 Castle/Duchess astro JOM/BMM Until half term
    Production rehearsals All Tuesday 1630-1745 Lewis Hall JCW  
    Big Band  By invitation Tuesday 1645-1745 Rehearsal Room JJM  
    Gardening Club All Wednesday 1310-1345 Health Centre Garden HFG  
    Rifle club  Ingrams Wednesday 1310-1400 CCF Range DVG/ALO  
    Ingrams Independent 1st and 2nd Wednesday 1315-1335 E1 LLD  
    Guitar Group All Wednesday 1315-1350 Music Classroom MH  
    Concert Band All Wednesday 1630-1730 Rehearsal Room TWC  
    Open Art All Wednesday 1630-1730 Pellegrini Art Centre LDB  
    P4C All Wednesday 1630-1730 E2 SEP  
    Football boys Middles Wednesday 1630-1745 Duchess astro CJH/SRD Until half term
    Hockey boys Middles Wednesday 1630-1745 Duchess astro JOM/BMM/CJAB/NJW After half term
    Hockey girls Middles Wednesday 1630-1745 Duchess/Castle astro JOM/BMM/CJAB/NJW Until half term
    Netball girls Middles Wednesday 1630-1745 Roger Peel Sports Centre JSO/KMG After half term
    Trampette club  Ingrams Wednesday 1630-1745 Roger Peel Sports Centre PE  
    Tycoon L6th Wednesday 1630-1745 M2 AW  
    Clay shooting All Wednesday 1630-1800 Riseley JW  
    Open Art All Wednesday 1630-1800 Pellegrini Art Centre LDB  
    Wellbeing club All Wednesday 1630-1800 DTE CAS  
    Kimbookworms 1st and 2nd Thursday 1310-1345 Vanbrugh Library SH  
    CCF Band 4th, 5th, 6th Thursday 1335-1415 Rehearsal Room CAH  
    History Society All Thursday 1630-1730 H3 JRKG/NHH  
    Cricket development boys All Thursday 1630-1745 Roger Peel Sports Centre MSG/AJT From 19th September 
    Dance club All Thursday 1630-1745 Roger Peel Sports Centre ED  
    Production rehearsals All Thursday 1630-1745 Lewis Hall JCW  
    STEM Club All years Thursday 1630-1745 C3 NRH  
    Swimming squad All Thursday 1630-1745 Pool TML  
    Tycoon L6th Thursday 1630-1745 KW8 JRS  
    Orchestra All Thursday 1630-1800 Rehearsal Room EMW  
    Football boys Seniors Thursday 1700-1800   CJH  
    Hockey girls Seniors Thursday 1700-1800   JOM  
    Swimming training All Friday  0745-0820 Pool TML  
    Charities committee All Friday 1310-1400 E3 CCE  
    Warhammer Modelling Club All Friday 1310-1400 P4 TLW  
    Cricket development girls All Friday 1600-1745 Roger Peel Sports Centre MSG/AJT  
    Ingrams Drama club Ingrams Friday 1630-1730 Lewis Hall SCL  
    Open Art All Friday 1630-1730 Pellegrini Art Centre LDB  
    Philosophy Society Seniors Friday 1630-1730 P10 CJAB  
    School Choir All Friday 1630-1745 Rehearsal Room DCG